Darius Pietaris Consultant, expert of emotional competence and leadership


Darius Pietaris

Consultant, expert of emotional competence and leadership

Expert of emotional competence and leadership, consultant of personal efectiveness, pioneer of negotiations and sales trainings in Lithuania.
Expert areas: emotional competence, leadership excellence and management, personal efficiency, train the trainer, negotiations, sales and conflict management.
Darius is one of the leading experts nationally in the field of training and consulting, apparently the most experienced trainer in the area of personal progress, sales and negotiations. His experience and knowledge has influenced the performance of many leaders and organizations.
Darius has been consulting CEOs and teams of decision makers helping them to maintain the work and personal life balance and to be successful in many ways. Consultant is delivering training programs in the fields of successful negotiations, conflict management, emotional competence locally and internationally: in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and etc.
Darius has been the key note in a number of conferences, he is the author of many training programs “Restart: from stress to enthusiasm”, “Public Speaking Skills”, “Business Being: Activating Mindfulness”, etc. He has also developed personal progress audio programs “The Hunt of Your Success”, “Negotiations Tango”, “The Code of the Successful Seller” and others. Besides, Darius has served as a co-author of numerous other training programs: “Emotional Competence”, “Management of Change”, Train the Trainer, etc.
Darius is certified to work with the Inscape Publishing (USA) tools and methods in Lithuania. He has completed the program of a professional board member of BICG (Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance).