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Increasing organizational performance

Audit of organisation structure

An audit of an existing organisational structure and job functions is performed, resulting in necessary improvements or new organisational structure design, including job descriptions. The heads of departments are involved in the process and the change is discussed with the entire management teams and CEO`s.

Job assessment and performance management

Overall job assessment criteria are established, principles of performance management systems are set up; if required, all necessary operational and  ready to apply documents are prepared.

Employee recruitment and hiring

Based on professional and general competences, the employee selection process is established. Criteria and methods  to select the candidates are described. A typical new employee organisational adaptation plan is developed with specified procedures and outcomes.

Setting client service standards

An audit of sales and customer service operations is performed by identifying problems and ways to solve the gaps. Areas that need to be assessed are discussed and  the structure of client service standard is designed. All the processes regulating sales/customer service excellence are described with the internal communication support by ensuring an atmosphere of constant attention to providing exceptional client service.

Competency models

A competency model is a collection of competencies that together define successful performance in a particular work setting. Competency models are the foundation for important human resource functions such as recruitment and hiring, training and development, and performance management. By developing competency models, competences and their descriptions are prepared and integrated into the operational assessment system.

Change management

Change Management process refers to any approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations using Prosci methodology and tools and is intended to re-direct the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company or organization. All change management plans are prepared and called to an action.