Vilius Žemaitis A strategist and specialist in organisational development, improving and planning operational efficiency 


Vilius Žemaitis

A strategist in organisational development, planning and operational performance.

Areas of expertise: organisational development, operational planning, personal efficiency, creativity and innovation, change planning and management, organisational culture.

Vilius conducts strategy sessions, helps management teams come to an agreement on significant organisational development issues. He consults and heads various projects in public and commercial sectors, possesses experience in mentoring, change planning and implementation as well as in process improvement in organisations. He has worked on projects enhancing the effectiveness of sales activity and led tech start-up projects helping organisations address various operational efficiency issues.

Vilius specializes in designing strategies for organisations and their operational efficiency enhancement solutions. He also attaches great importance to promoting innovation in organisations, formation of values and the appropriate internal culture.

Vilius is a developer of strategy workshops, and projects related to optimising organisational structure, the co-author of training programs “Time Management”, “Creativity Skills Improvement”, “Change Management”, etc.