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Renata Žemaitienė, 
Head of Marketing & Communications
+ 370 620 66322

Why choose "TMD Partners"?

"TMD Partners" is one of the leading training and consulting companies in Lithuania and the innovation accelerator in the Baltic States. 

The company consists of 9 professional consultants from different fields of expertise: leadership & management, negotiations and sales management, team building, customer experience management, EQ and personal efficiency.

In the consulting market, TDM experts stand out in terms of a high level of expertise, responsible attitude to work and the best knowledge in their field as well as the ability of putting it into practice. Their services are in demand not only in Lithuania but also in the Baltic states, Russia; the projects are executed in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Scandinavian countries and others.

We have a wide variety of services; therefore, we address all the main organisational development problems systematically rather than in a fragmented way and respond to their needs as well as ensure the continuity of training.

We exhibit a strong focus on individual situations and needs of a customer, adapt training programs, get ready for projects with responsibility and implement them in a flexible manner.

While optimizing learning processes, we implement the latest IT achievements: a portal for training material, online research and survey platforms, etc.

Effective and valid training methodologies (DiSC, Prosci, etc.) are used; Harvard, INSESAD and other leading business school models are applied; the latest research data of global consulting companies (Accenture, McKinsey) are assessed along with the integration of our foreign partners’ experience.

We place a high emphasis on maximizing organizational performance, individual transitions and long-term business relationships while ensuring operational excellence.